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What I’ll Be Doing For the Foreseeable Ever

What I should be doing is going to sleep so that I can wake up super early and get to work by 8 am tomorrow. What I am doing is writing this post in bed because I just spent the … Continue reading

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Atlanta, I wish to rock you

Atlanta, I wish to rock you

Your delightful presence is requested at the Drunken Unicorn in Atlanta on April the fourth in the year of Our Lord two thousand and twelve.

I, along with Sir Random of the House Mega, accompanied by the illustrious Sir Willie Evans, Jr. and those unrepentant scoundrels The ThoughtCriminals will be hosting a grand ball.

Be on the lookout around town for this beautiful artwork by Sir Rusty of Shackles.

We very much look forward to your company.
Ever Yours,
Sir Tribesworth Onesington, Esquire

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