MTG: Friendship is Magic

It is SO cold in the Midwest, you guys. The only warmth Adam WarRock and I have found is in the heated conflict of Magic the Gathering. He’d never played before so we picked up a couple of starter decks and threw down. His blue/red Manipulative Monstrosities deck could not withstand my white/black Favors of Nyx deck and in a dramatic, tension-filled best of seven tournament (yeah, we played seven times in a row) I won four times. We left the Best Western in Omaha a smoldering crater.

Two nights ago we rocked, and were rocked by Elite Comics in Kansas City. We got to meet Jason Aaron and tell him all about my undying love of Knuckles O’Shaugnessy. We met Dennis Hopeless and talked about the bottomless pit of 60’s Disney live action movies like Darby O’Gill and the Little People and The Gnome-Mobile. We met Jai Nitz and talked about the utter despair involved in loving a professional football team.

Tonight we’re rocking Legend Comics and Coffee in Omaha. Here’s the full schedule:

Dec 4 – Kansas City, MO – Elite Comics (info
Dec 6 
– Omaha, NE – Legend Comics & Coffee (info)
Dec 7
 – St. Louis, MO – Star Clipper (info)
Dec 9 – Minneapolis, MN – Highlander Games & Comics (info)
Dec 11 
– Bloomington, IN – Vintage Phoenix Comics (info)
Dec 12 
– Milwaukee, WI – Lost World of Wonders (info)
Dec 13 
– Chicago, IL – Brainstorm Comics (info
Dec 14 
– Columbus, OH – Packrat Comics (info
Dec 15 
– Dearborn, MI – Green Brain Comics (info)
Dec 16
 – Dayton, OH – Super-Fly Comics (info)
Dec 17 – Cleveland, OH – Now That’s Class (info
Dec 18 
– Pittsburgh, PA – Pittsburgh Comics (info)
Dec 19 – Louisville, KY – Haymarket Whiskey Bar (info)


About Tribe One

I am a professional independent rapper who writes songs about the important things in life: comics, video games and giant monsters.
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