My Obligatory Top Ten List for 2013

I wanted to get this out while were still close enough to 2013 to remember it and before I head back out on tour again with Schaffer the Darklord and Adam WarRock. Here are some of my highlights and favorites from the year that was. In no particular order or category, here is the official Tribe One Top Ten(ish) List of 2013:


1. Favorite Comics That Were Published in 2013: Saga, The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys, Hawkeye, Daredevil, Prophet, Sin Titulo


2. Favorite Comics I Read in 2013 That were Published Sometime Before: Superman – Secret Identity, Elephantmen vol 1, Drops of God, Hellboy, BPRD, that 90s Captain America story where he turns into a werewolf.


3. Favorite Video Games of 2013: Etrian Odyssey IV (3ds), Fire Emblem Awakening (3ds), Hotline Miami (Vita), Guacamelee (Vita), Spelunky (Vita), Animal Crossing New Leaf (3ds), Dragon’s Crown (Vita), Stealth Inc. A Clone in the Dark (Vita), Steam World Dig (3ds), Muramasa Rebirth (Vita), Bioshock Infinite (ps3), Gone Home (pc), The Legend of Zelda A Link Between Worlds (3ds)


4. Favorite Video Games I Played in 2013 That Came Out Sometime Before: XCOM Enemy Unknown (ps3), Persona 4 Golden (Vita), Catherine (ps3), FTL (pc), Darksiders (ps3), Valkyria Chronicles (ps3), Knytt Underground (Vita), Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask (3ds), Virtue’s Last Reward (3ds)


5. Favorite Table Top Games I Played in 2013: Magic the Gathering 2013 Core set and Theros, Forbidden Desert, Super Dungeon Explore, Munchkin


6. Favorite Non-Comic Books I Read In 2013: The Disaster Artist, A Feast For Crows


7. Favorite Podcasts of 2013: Welcome to Night Vale, Tinycartridge Tinycast, Retronauts, How Did This Get Made?, Shots Fired, Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History, Earth’s Mightiest Podcast, Interactive Distractions, Seattle Geekly, Screaming Brain Comics


8. Favorite Albums That Came Out in 2013: Vampire Weekend – Modern Vampires of the City, Anamanaguchi – Endless Fantasy, Schaffer the Darklord – Sick Passenger, Saturday Looks Good To Me – One Kiss Ends It All, Camp Lo & Pete Rock – 80 Blocks From Tiffany’s vol 2, Adam WarRock – Middle of Nowhere, He’s My Brother She’s My Sister – Nobody Dances In This Town, Louis Logic – Look On The Blight Side, Natti – Still Motion, Run The Jewels, Shad – Flying Colours, The Uncluded – Hokey Fright


9. Favorite Albums That I Couldn’t Stop Listening to in 2013 Even Though They Came Out Sometime Before: Mighty Clouds, Paul Simon – Graceland, POS – We Don’t Even Live Here, Kno – Death is Silent, Eponym & Esta – Autumn In Sound, Sene – Pavement Special, Spoken Nerd – Our Team Is Going To Win


10. Favorite Movies of 2013: Fast & Furious 6, World’s End, The Wolverine, Oblivion, The Hobbit – The Desolation of Smaug


11. Favorite People I Toured With or Played a Show With in 2013: mc chris, Jesse Dangerously, Dr. Awkward, Adam WarRock, Mikal kHill, Sulfur, The Nerdlucks, Louis Logic, Ceschi, cecilnick, MC Stealth, MC Lars, Dual Core, Schaffer the Darklord, MC Frontalot, Random & K-Murdock, Professor Shyguy, D&D Sluggers, Wordburglar, More or Les, Red Jesse, Turquoise Jeep, Tonezee, Zinc Platypus, Sweatermeat, 2d6, Super Art Fight, Math the Band and anybody else I forgot!

the old ball and chain.

12. Most Incredible Life Changing Events of 2013 (in chronological order): went to SXSW in Austin, got invited to open for mc chris’ summer tour, quit my job as a librarian, wrote and recorded the Malibu Shark Attack album, WENT ON FRIGGIN’ TOUR FOR 2 MONTHS STRAIGHT, went on tour again a couple times, got married to my amazing girlfriend of 7 1/2 years

Thank you all for sharing this amazing year with me and I hope you stick with me for 2014! See you on the road!


About Tribe One

I am a professional independent rapper who writes songs about the important things in life: comics, video games and giant monsters.
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2 Responses to My Obligatory Top Ten List for 2013

  1. Tribe thank you sir for posting us on your top ten of 2013, it is an honor sir. Love and respect from us here at ScreamingBrainComics!

  2. Reblogged this on ScreamingBrainComics and commented:
    Huge thank you to our good friend Tribe One for making us one of his favorite podcast of 2013.

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