Snowpocalypse 2014!

you ain't goin' NOWHERE.

you ain’t goin’ NOWHERE.

It snowed in Atlanta today and this is what traffic looked like this afternoon. I sure am glad I spent all day at home writing rap songs for a secret project you’ll be hearing about VERY soon. Oh, and while I’m at it I might as well mention that Adam WarRock are heading back out on tour in about a week. This time we’re running up and down the East Coast. Check it!

Feb. 5 – Charleston, SC – Captain’s Comics (info)
Feb. 6 – Wilmington, DE – The Comic Book Shop w/ Greg Pak (info)
Feb. 7 – Somerville, MA – Comicazi (info)
Feb. 8 – Baltimore, MD – Collector’s Corner (info)
Feb. 9 – NYC – The Fifth Estate w/ Schaffer, Mikal kHill, & Louis Logic (info)
Feb. 10 – Syracuse, NY – Singers Karaoke Club w/ Sammus (info)
Feb. 11 – Manchester, NH – Double Midnight Comics (info)
Feb. 12 – Portland, ME – Geno’s Rock Club & Coast City Comics (info)
Feb. 13 – Northampton, MA – Modern Myths (info)
Feb. 15 – Richmond, VA – Velocity Comics (info)
Feb. 16 – Charlotte, NC – The Milestone w/ Mikal kHill (info)

After the amazing West Coast run that we had with Schaffer the Darklord I’m super stoked to get back out on the road and on stage again. And bonus! We’re playing with Schaffer in Brooklyn on Feb. 9th along with Mikal kHill and Louis Logic! There’s going to be a LOT of awesome guest rockers on this tour. We’re even playing a show with Superman/Batman writer Greg Pak. And then we’re wrapping up on the 16th with a show at The Milestone in Charlotte for the NOFRIENDS Family Reunion with Mikal kHill, Kristy Bee and more. S’gonna be rad.

See you out there!


About Tribe One

I am a professional independent rapper who writes songs about the important things in life: comics, video games and giant monsters.
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