Snowpocalypse 2014!

you ain't goin' NOWHERE.

you ain’t goin’ NOWHERE.

It snowed in Atlanta today and this is what traffic looked like this afternoon. I sure am glad I spent all day at home writing rap songs for a secret project you’ll be hearing about VERY soon. Oh, and while I’m at it I might as well mention that Adam WarRock are heading back out on tour in about a week. This time we’re running up and down the East Coast. Check it!

Feb. 5 – Charleston, SC – Captain’s Comics (info)
Feb. 6 – Wilmington, DE – The Comic Book Shop w/ Greg Pak (info)
Feb. 7 – Somerville, MA – Comicazi (info)
Feb. 8 – Baltimore, MD – Collector’s Corner (info)
Feb. 9 – NYC – The Fifth Estate w/ Schaffer, Mikal kHill, & Louis Logic (info)
Feb. 10 – Syracuse, NY – Singers Karaoke Club w/ Sammus (info)
Feb. 11 – Manchester, NH – Double Midnight Comics (info)
Feb. 12 – Portland, ME – Geno’s Rock Club & Coast City Comics (info)
Feb. 13 – Northampton, MA – Modern Myths (info)
Feb. 15 – Richmond, VA – Velocity Comics (info)
Feb. 16 – Charlotte, NC – The Milestone w/ Mikal kHill (info)

After the amazing West Coast run that we had with Schaffer the Darklord I’m super stoked to get back out on the road and on stage again. And bonus! We’re playing with Schaffer in Brooklyn on Feb. 9th along with Mikal kHill and Louis Logic! There’s going to be a LOT of awesome guest rockers on this tour. We’re even playing a show with Superman/Batman writer Greg Pak. And then we’re wrapping up on the 16th with a show at The Milestone in Charlotte for the NOFRIENDS Family Reunion with Mikal kHill, Kristy Bee and more. S’gonna be rad.

See you out there!

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My Obligatory Top Ten List for 2013

I wanted to get this out while were still close enough to 2013 to remember it and before I head back out on tour again with Schaffer the Darklord and Adam WarRock. Here are some of my highlights and favorites from the year that was. In no particular order or category, here is the official Tribe One Top Ten(ish) List of 2013:


1. Favorite Comics That Were Published in 2013: Saga, The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys, Hawkeye, Daredevil, Prophet, Sin Titulo


2. Favorite Comics I Read in 2013 That were Published Sometime Before: Superman – Secret Identity, Elephantmen vol 1, Drops of God, Hellboy, BPRD, that 90s Captain America story where he turns into a werewolf.


3. Favorite Video Games of 2013: Etrian Odyssey IV (3ds), Fire Emblem Awakening (3ds), Hotline Miami (Vita), Guacamelee (Vita), Spelunky (Vita), Animal Crossing New Leaf (3ds), Dragon’s Crown (Vita), Stealth Inc. A Clone in the Dark (Vita), Steam World Dig (3ds), Muramasa Rebirth (Vita), Bioshock Infinite (ps3), Gone Home (pc), The Legend of Zelda A Link Between Worlds (3ds)


4. Favorite Video Games I Played in 2013 That Came Out Sometime Before: XCOM Enemy Unknown (ps3), Persona 4 Golden (Vita), Catherine (ps3), FTL (pc), Darksiders (ps3), Valkyria Chronicles (ps3), Knytt Underground (Vita), Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask (3ds), Virtue’s Last Reward (3ds)


5. Favorite Table Top Games I Played in 2013: Magic the Gathering 2013 Core set and Theros, Forbidden Desert, Super Dungeon Explore, Munchkin


6. Favorite Non-Comic Books I Read In 2013: The Disaster Artist, A Feast For Crows


7. Favorite Podcasts of 2013: Welcome to Night Vale, Tinycartridge Tinycast, Retronauts, How Did This Get Made?, Shots Fired, Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History, Earth’s Mightiest Podcast, Interactive Distractions, Seattle Geekly, Screaming Brain Comics


8. Favorite Albums That Came Out in 2013: Vampire Weekend – Modern Vampires of the City, Anamanaguchi – Endless Fantasy, Schaffer the Darklord – Sick Passenger, Saturday Looks Good To Me – One Kiss Ends It All, Camp Lo & Pete Rock – 80 Blocks From Tiffany’s vol 2, Adam WarRock – Middle of Nowhere, He’s My Brother She’s My Sister – Nobody Dances In This Town, Louis Logic – Look On The Blight Side, Natti – Still Motion, Run The Jewels, Shad – Flying Colours, The Uncluded – Hokey Fright


9. Favorite Albums That I Couldn’t Stop Listening to in 2013 Even Though They Came Out Sometime Before: Mighty Clouds, Paul Simon – Graceland, POS – We Don’t Even Live Here, Kno – Death is Silent, Eponym & Esta – Autumn In Sound, Sene – Pavement Special, Spoken Nerd – Our Team Is Going To Win


10. Favorite Movies of 2013: Fast & Furious 6, World’s End, The Wolverine, Oblivion, The Hobbit – The Desolation of Smaug


11. Favorite People I Toured With or Played a Show With in 2013: mc chris, Jesse Dangerously, Dr. Awkward, Adam WarRock, Mikal kHill, Sulfur, The Nerdlucks, Louis Logic, Ceschi, cecilnick, MC Stealth, MC Lars, Dual Core, Schaffer the Darklord, MC Frontalot, Random & K-Murdock, Professor Shyguy, D&D Sluggers, Wordburglar, More or Les, Red Jesse, Turquoise Jeep, Tonezee, Zinc Platypus, Sweatermeat, 2d6, Super Art Fight, Math the Band and anybody else I forgot!

the old ball and chain.

12. Most Incredible Life Changing Events of 2013 (in chronological order): went to SXSW in Austin, got invited to open for mc chris’ summer tour, quit my job as a librarian, wrote and recorded the Malibu Shark Attack album, WENT ON FRIGGIN’ TOUR FOR 2 MONTHS STRAIGHT, went on tour again a couple times, got married to my amazing girlfriend of 7 1/2 years

Thank you all for sharing this amazing year with me and I hope you stick with me for 2014! See you on the road!

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The Cat and the Bag That Could No Longer Contain It

January 2014!!!

January 2014!!!

I hope everybody is currently having a wonderful holiday season! There’s been a metric buttload of things happening in my life all in a ridiculously short amount of time and I want to share the news with you!

I can keep it a secret no longer! Starting on January 9th I will be touring the West Coast with Adam WarRock and Schaffer the Darklord. It’s pretty rare that any of us get to make it out to the West Coast, but all three of us on the same bill? And with all-star quality local support from folks like Dual Core, Mega Ran, Death*Star, Doctor Awkward, Beefy and more?!?!?! Yeah. You’re gonna want to be there when we come to your city. Here’s the schedule:

Jan 9 – Seattle, WA – The Lo-Fi w/ Beefy & Death Star (info)
Jan 10 – Portland, OR – The Analog w/ Kid Apocalypse (inf0)
Jan 11 – Boise, ID – The Spacebar Arcade (info)
Jan 12 – Salt Lake City, UT – Shred Shed w/ Mark Dago (inf0)
Jan 14 – Phoenix, AZ – Pub Rock w/ Mega Ran (info)
Jan 15 – San Diego, CA – The Merrow w/ Doc Awk (info)
Jan 16 – Las Vegas, NV – Bar 702 w/ 3D6 – FREE (info)
Jan 17 – Los Angeles, CA – Complex LA (info)
Jan 18 – San Francisco, CA – Hemlock Tavern w/ Dual Core (info)
Jan 19 – Mt. Shasta, CA – Mt. Shasta Vets Club – FREE (info)

I’m also super excited to announce that I’ll be officially performing this March at South By Southwest this year as part of the Nerdcore Showcase! I was lucky enough to attend last year as hype-man to my good friend Mikal kHill (who just put out a new record, btw!) and it turned out to be one of my favorite events I’ve ever been to. Side note: last year at SXSW I ended up on stage to do songs with something like half of the showcasing artists, which got me noticed by MC Frontalot who then recommended me to mc chris for his tour. So, SXSW is literally responsible for one of the biggest opportunities of my life, which means I’ve got a lot of feelings about the event. And you all know how I feel about feelings.

Ok, so now let’s talk about some amazing things that just recently transpired. About a week ago I got home from touring the Midwest with Adam WarRock. We had an incredible time playing shows in comic shops and doing more laid back, storyteller sets. We met some super amazing people (including Marvel’s Jason Aaron, who I told about my undying love of Knuckles O’Shaugnessy from his Ghost Rider run) and played Magic the Gathering every night. It was AWESOME.

A really great dude in Louisville that I met this summer made this for me and brought it to the show.

A really great dude in Louisville that I met this summer made this painting for me and brought it to the show.

When the tour ended I promptly came home to my girlfriend of 7 and a half years and got married. We had a super tiny elopement ceremony two days before Christmas in front of our parents and siblings and then ate a baller lunch at the Horseradish Grill in Atlanta. SWAG.

the old ball and chain.

the old ball and chain.

I must say, I look good in a tux. Happy new year, y’all!

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MTG: Friendship is Magic

It is SO cold in the Midwest, you guys. The only warmth Adam WarRock and I have found is in the heated conflict of Magic the Gathering. He’d never played before so we picked up a couple of starter decks and threw down. His blue/red Manipulative Monstrosities deck could not withstand my white/black Favors of Nyx deck and in a dramatic, tension-filled best of seven tournament (yeah, we played seven times in a row) I won four times. We left the Best Western in Omaha a smoldering crater.

Two nights ago we rocked, and were rocked by Elite Comics in Kansas City. We got to meet Jason Aaron and tell him all about my undying love of Knuckles O’Shaugnessy. We met Dennis Hopeless and talked about the bottomless pit of 60’s Disney live action movies like Darby O’Gill and the Little People and The Gnome-Mobile. We met Jai Nitz and talked about the utter despair involved in loving a professional football team.

Tonight we’re rocking Legend Comics and Coffee in Omaha. Here’s the full schedule:

Dec 4 – Kansas City, MO – Elite Comics (info
Dec 6 
– Omaha, NE – Legend Comics & Coffee (info)
Dec 7
 – St. Louis, MO – Star Clipper (info)
Dec 9 – Minneapolis, MN – Highlander Games & Comics (info)
Dec 11 
– Bloomington, IN – Vintage Phoenix Comics (info)
Dec 12 
– Milwaukee, WI – Lost World of Wonders (info)
Dec 13 
– Chicago, IL – Brainstorm Comics (info
Dec 14 
– Columbus, OH – Packrat Comics (info
Dec 15 
– Dearborn, MI – Green Brain Comics (info)
Dec 16
 – Dayton, OH – Super-Fly Comics (info)
Dec 17 – Cleveland, OH – Now That’s Class (info
Dec 18 
– Pittsburgh, PA – Pittsburgh Comics (info)
Dec 19 – Louisville, KY – Haymarket Whiskey Bar (info)

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It’s Been Raining All Day in Atlanta…

What better way to spend a rainy afternoon than with a few of your favorite comics?

In a little over a week I’m going to be hitting the road again with my friend and yours, Adam WarRock, for the inaugural campaign of our nation-wide Tour of Comic Stores. We’ll be heading to the Midwest this time around. Check the schedule:

Dec 4 – Kansas City, MO – Elite Comics (info
Dec 6 
– Omaha, NE – Legend Comics & Coffee (info)
Dec 7
 – St. Louis, MO – Star Clipper (info)
Dec 9 – Minneapolis, MN – Highlander Games & Comics (info)
Dec 11 
– Bloomington, IN – Vintage Phoenix Comics (info)
Dec 12 
– Milwaukee, WI – Lost World of Wonders (info)
Dec 13 
– Chicago, IL – Brainstorm Comics (info
Dec 14 
– Columbus, OH – Packrat Comics (info
Dec 15 
– Dearborn, MI – Green Brain Comics (info)
Dec 16
 – Dayton, OH – Super-Fly Comics (info)
Dec 17 – Cleveland, OH – Now That’s Class (info
Dec 18 
– Pittsburgh, PA – Pittsburgh Comics (info)
Dec 19 – Louisville, KY – Haymarket Whiskey Bar (info)

This initial run is merely the beginning of what is emerging as a disturbing trend in how I will be spending my time in upcoming months. I just did a tally of all the traveling and touring in my immediate future and from now thru February I have over 30 shows. Don’t take my word for it, though. See the whole list here.

I’m also working on a new EP of songs about comics, love, touring, etc. It’s something to keep me busy until Malibu Shark Attack officially releases in January/February (don’t forget you can get our single “Doing it Wrong” right here right now!!!). It’s going to be called “Crisis on Intimate Earths” and I’ll be doing new songs from it on the road so when I’m in your town come out and let me know what you think of the new stuff.

And finally, because I’m still incredibly proud of it, I’m going to plug the album I made with The Remnant, Indian Summer. You can buy it literally everywhere music is sold online and listen for free on bandcamp:

That’s all, my lovelies! See you soon!

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Road Update


I’m in Milwaukee, Wisconsin writing this post sitting next to Jesse Dangerously in Alterra Cafe where they make a BANGIN espresso milkshake. So far the tour has been a whirlwind of good times, better people and raps. It seems to just get more fun every single night. And only 6 more weeks to go!

Last night we played Subterranean in Chicago and tonight we’re playing The Cactus Club in Milwaukee. I would LOVE with all my heart to see your smiling face at one (or all) of the upcoming shows. Here’s the schedule for the next week or so:

7/25 milwaukee, wi the cactus club

7/26 minneapolis, mn varsity theater

7/27 iowa city, ia gabe’s oasis

7/28 omaha, ne the waiting room

7/30 denver, co the summit music hall

7/31 grand junction, co mesa theatre & club

8/1 salt lake city, ut kilby court

8/2 boise, id neurolux

You can check out the whole remaining tour schedule and buy tickets here.

I know my perspective on this is biased, but this really is a show you don’t want to miss. Doctor Awkward is one of the best performers I’ve ever seen, Jesse Dangerously is a teddy bear who also happens to be one of the best rappers alive and mc chris is performing with an energy that is straight up electrifying. It’s difficult to put into words how fun and uplifting each night has been. I promise I’m not just trying to sell tickets, you guys. This tour is one of a kind.

Anyhoo, it’s about time to go load in at the venue. See you soon! ❤

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I Forgot To Be Your Blogger…

(pretend that every time he says “love”/”lover” he’s really saying “blog”/”blogger”)

It isn’t that I’ve been avoiding you, blog. It definitely isn’t that. It’s just that I’ve been out in the world livin’ life. Gathering stories and experiences and all sorts of wonderful things to tell you so that when we’re together again we have things to talk about.

And OH MY GLOB do we have things to talk about…


I guess by now you’ll have heard that I’m going to be on tour this summer with mc chris for his Revenge of the Nerd Tour 2. I’ll be joining my good friend Jesse Dangerously and my new friend Doctor Awkward as chris’ corps of openers. We’re going to just about every place in the US so I hope to see you at least once! You can check out the full schedule on my Shows page.

In other category 5 spectacular announcements, the new Remnant album, Indian Summer is written, recorded, mixed, mastered and a few short weeks away from release on June 25. Until then, you can nab a free download of our first single, “Summer Dog Days,” which was produced by Deacon from CunninLynguists and NWL.

There’s also the not-insignificant matter of Malibu Shark Attack, my transatlantic indie rock/rap/genre defying collaboration with Ireland’s own Rocky O’Reilly. We’re finishing up the album for official release on July 11. A little while back we released a SUPER limited single/fridge magnet with artwork by Rusty Shackles. The bad news is the single sold out. The good news is that you can now stream one of the songs, “Internal Organs” AND get an eyeful of Rusty’s INCREDIBLE artwork for our album cover.

You can never un-see this. That's a good thing.

You can never un-see this. That’s a good thing.

I think that just about catches us up. I’m gonna get back to working on finishing these last couple Malibu Shark Attack songs. See you soon! ❤

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Kind of a Big Deal


group logo by Rusty Shackles, who, it turns out, is the man.

The first Malibu Shark Attack music is out! It comes as an EXTREMELY limited refrigerator magnet (yes, that is correct), which, when you buy it for 2 British pounds, will set the wheels a-turnin’ in our Rube Goldberg hit machine and prompt Rocky to email you a download code and airmail you the magnet from Ireland. I know it’s weird, but it’s ok because we live in the future. There’s a super quick sneak preview on youtube, but otherwise you’re just gonna have to trust me that it’s good.

I can’t overstate how excited I am about this release. There’s so many reasons why this is a big deal, not least of which are that we’ve been played on BBC radio and gotten a write-up on the BBC blog Across the Lines.

Probably the biggest reason for my excitement, though, is that I sing on both of the songs included and it actually sounds good! (I rap, too. Don’t worry.)

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I Can’t Live Without My Radio


Actually not even close to the first rap record I ever heard.

Until yesterday I could have sworn up and down that the very first rap song I ever heard was LL Cool J’s “Rock the Bells” from his first album Radio. Every since kindergarten I’ve had this vivid memory of a group of 5th graders at my school acting out the line “I take a musclebound man and put his face in the sand!” It turns out, though, that line is actually from LL Cool J’s song “I’m Bad” from his second album Bigger and Deffer. I found this out last night while listening to Radio, waiting with excitement for the line to come up so I could rap along with him… but it never happened. The song ended and I was left in a state of existential crisis. I knew–knew–it was this song. I don’t know why it was so important to me, but it was.

For over a decade now, I’ve been aware of a gap in my knowledge of Hip Hop History. I used to think it was completely fine that I’d never heard a Boogie Down Productions song or a Public Enemy album. As far as I was concerned any Hip Hop prior to Snoop Doggy Dogg’s Doggystyle (the first rap record I owned) was non-canon. Sure, Old School Hip Hop was important, but only as a historical record; not something that I needed to actually listen to.

The problem with this way of thinking is super obvious, but never moreso to me than when I appeared as a guest on the PKD Black Box Podcast (episodes 75 and 85) with host Shawn Pryor and co-guests Julian Lytle and Jason Wood. I super enjoy the conversations I have with those guys, but when the topic ventures to those pre-1993 songs and albums I’m as much of a spectator as anybody listening. Yesterday morning we recorded a third episode with Taylor Pithers and when we wrapped it up I decided enough was enough.

So last night I put out a call on facebook for recommendations as to what essential classic Hip Hop I needed to know. The thread is still going strong with amazing albums, songs, books, etc. (Thanks, everybody!)

So last night I started listening to Radio because I mistakenly thought it had a special significance. Turns out it’s just a really, really good album. Tonight I’m listening to Criminal Minded by Boogie Down Productions. I’m going to write out my thoughts and impressions on each record as I go through them. Two albums in and I’ve already got thoughts and feelings, you guys!

Talk to you again soon!

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“New (Old) Year Updates: Everything’s Bigger in Texas” or “Oh man, I totally forgot Tribe One even HAD a blog…”


Your friend and mine, Mikal kHill, has been gracious enough to temporarily adopt me as his third child for SXSW this year in Austin, Texas. I’ll be hyping his set during the nerdcore showcase on Tuesday, March 12th and possibly doing a set of my own on Thursday, March 14th. I’ve never been to Texas except to drive through it on my way from California to Atlanta, so I’m very much looking forward to taking in the sights and culture of the Lone Star State. And by that I mean eat my body weight in bbq and rock out to amazing live music from all over. Be sure to say hello if you see me wandering around looking lost!

The week before that, however, I’m going to be back up in Columbia, SC at Conundrum Music Hall (or as my good friend cecilnick prefers to call it, “The Conundrum) with Mega Ran and Louis Logic. So yeah, that’s gonna be Rad. As. [Expletive].

In other news, the good homey Jesse Dangerously and I have teamed up to form the boy band Maximum Rap Whirlwind and entered ourselves in the Vocalist/Producer Challenge. The competition this year is cray cray, and I do not use that term lightly. The first round just ended (we made the top 10 out of 53 entries!) and the second round has just gotten underway. Check out all the submissions for round one here!

Finally, I already kind of announced this on facebook, but everyone knows things don’t get officially official until they’re blogged for the world to see… I’ve been working on a full length album with Rocky O’Reilly (formerly of Oppenheimer) and we’re rounding the bend on finishing this thing. We’re calling our collaboration Malibu Shark Attack and I can guarantee you it’s every bit as awesome as that name sounds. If you happened to catch me performing any time from Nerdapalooza or the NOFRIENDS Tour or later then you’ve already had a bit of a preview (hint: the song I opened with, “Moment of Truth” is a Malibu Shark Attack song).

Well, that’s all I’ve got for now. Gotta get back to writing raps. See you soon, I hope!


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